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We all had times when we blew it in life & tried to make things happen on our own, got involved in things we shouldn’t have, now it’s a mess & the accuser constantly whisper’s “God’s not going to bless you, you knew better, just sit on the sidelines of life”…..don’t believe those lies, God has mercy for every mistake. God loves to make the enemy pay. If you will stay in faith not only will God bring you through it, he’ll take the mess you made, clean it up and bring you out better. So even when we blow it God is going to work ALL THINGS for our good. God has a plan EVEN for our mistakes.

We ALL are worthy of love, mercy, & forgiveness from God, from others and especially upon our own self. We can be our own worst enemy at times…let us take the small steps towards acceptance of believing that everything is going to turn out just fine. Celebrate the small victories that will eventually lead to great ones. Keep pushing through each season of your life for they will strengthen you, teach you, and prepare you for all that comes your way enabling you to function at higher levels in life. Love yourself as God sees you and loves you so that you may unlock the seeds of greatness within you.

Happy Wednesday y’all.

Stay Blessed, humble & thankful.

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Believe and Achieve

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Believe it and you can achieve it. The thoughts you hold in your mind become your life experiences. What thoughts are you holding? What conversations are you having with yourself. Your mind is gold, rich and full of power….value it and use of wisely. 

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10 Ways To Forgive Yourself & Let Go Of The Past

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10 Ways To Forgive Yourself & Let Go Of The Past

Have you ever noticed how you can hold on to past mistakes long after they occurred? Some of us hold on to things for years!

Forgiveness is a process. It does not happen over night and the process will be different for everyone. But no matter how long it takes, there’s hope! Here are some steps you can take toward that journey:

1. Become clear on your morals and values as they are right now.
The reason most of us feel guilt or shame for actions done in the past is because those actions are not in line with our current morals and values. Our past wrongs can actually clue us in to what we hold important. By identifying our morals and values, we start to get a clearer picture as to “why” we’re hurting over what we’ve done, or what others did to us.

2. Realize that the past is the past.
This seems fairly straightforward, but when we can really wrap our head around the fact that we can’t undo the past, the past is done, those things happened, we open ourselves up to more acceptance. Increased acceptance can lead to the emotional healing we are all looking for.

3. Create a “re-do.”
Never underestimate the power of a “re-do”. Write down how you would have done things differently if you could go back and do it again. In doing so, we affirm that we not only learned from our past mistake, but that if we had the skills we have now, back then, we would have done things differently.

4. Realize you did the best you could at the time.
The way we respond depends on the skills we have, the frame of mind we’re in, and how we perceive the situation at that moment. Maybe we didn’t have as much objectivity, or acted out of survival or protection mode. Maybe we’d let stress build up, which put us at a higher risk of responding poorly. Whatever the factors, cut yourself a break. If you learn from it, it was never in vain.

5. Start acting in accordance with your morals and values.
The best thing you can do for yourself in order to forgive is start replacing the negative behavior and thoughts with more appropriate ones that are congruous with your morals and values. By so doing, you reaffirm to yourself that you can handle situations in the way you want to. This can lead to a sense of pride, which is a huge part of building self-esteem.

6. Identify your biggest regrets.
When I work with clients on moving on from their past, it can be very overwhelming for them because they see so many regrets. It’s often helpful to categorize these things because people often only hold on to a handful of big categories/patterns. Working on patterns of behavior is often more helpful than working on individual regrets.

7. Tackle the big ones.
There may be some regrets that don’t seem to improve, and they’re going to require some extra work. I call it “clearing your conscience.” This means it might take bringing this regret into the room and apologizing for your past mistake.

8. Turn the page.
At some point, you have to accept that the past has happened and you’ve done everything in your power to amend past mistakes. It’s now time to turn the page and accept those events as part of your story. They’ve all contributed to making you who you are. Being grateful for those experiences allows you to move on and truly forgive yourself.

9. Cut yourself some slack.
When we learned how to ride a bike, most of us realized it would probably take a few tries before achieving perfection. New behavior and thinking patterns are no different. They’re both skills. Cut yourself some slack while you’re on a new learning curve. Realize that you’re going to make mistakes. We all do.

10. Move toward self-love.
The last step in building self-esteem is moving toward loving yourself. Think kind thoughts toward yourself and show yourself some compassion. If we can learn to think of ourselves as our best friend, to speak to ourselves with love and kindness, and put ourselves as a priority, it reaffirms that we believe we are worth it. Engage in psychotherapy or coaching if you need some outside perspective in this area. Seek books on this subject. Surround yourself with supportive people.

You are more than your past mistakes, and I promise you, you are so worth it!!

The seed and the key

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A small seed if planted in good soil can reap a great harvest, as well as the key to success is much like a small key that unlocks a big door….the seed and the key are small BUT lead to great things….that’s if we pay attention to the small gifts and tend to them….greatness will manifest. The same small seed can die and the same small key can lock a door if we do not pay attention to them with care. The seed and the key is in your hands…how will you take care of them?

Be blessed!

Tonia Moore

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Water Consumer 101 for your pockets and your health

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Water Consumer 101 for your pockets and your health

Every consumer is, at heart, a sucker. We blindly pay $5 for items that cost 20 cents to make. And why? Because it’s convenient, it’s packaged well, it has a catchy jingle, it’s the last one in the store or it’s simply the closest thing to the checkout stand.

If you’d rather remain ignorant to how much you overpay for some of life’s most common purchases, then you should stop reading right now. But if you have a funny feeling you’re getting ripped off like at the grocery store then the following is the sad, sad proof.

BOTTLED WATER Is one of the finest examples of retail markup magic.

Some of our favorite refreshing beverages carry the heftiest retail markups. Bottled water is wildly popular — Americans spent $16 billion on the ubiquitous drink in 2007 — and it’s wildly overpriced, considering that 40 percent of bottled water is nothing but filtered tap water.

In fact, for the price of a single bottle of Evian bottled water, you could pay for 1,000 gallons (3,785.4 liters) of municipal tap water. With bottled water, you’re not paying for the H2O, but rather the packaging and the convenience.


Water is one of the most essential elements needed in the body

• 900 deaths and 900,000 reported illnesses are attributed to tainted water annually

• Aquafina uses the Detroit River as one of its main water sources

• Water stored in plastic bottles leaches phtalates from the plastic which disrupts normal production of hormones

• 25% Of all bottled water is simply untreated tap water

• 33% Of all plastic bottles tested contained such high levels of synthetic and organic chemicals, bacteria and arsenic that they violated industry standards

• The EPA has set “allowable levels” for 87 natural and synthetic contaminants, but thousands more go unregulated

• Chemicals used to treat water have been linked to bladder and rectal cancers

• Your body is composed of roughly 70,000,000,000,000 (70 trillion) cells which range from 76% to 98% water but most Americans are chronically dehydrated, leading to headaches, arthritis, lethargy, constipation, insomnia, “brain fog” and more

• Drinking the right water is the single most important element to achieve and maintain optimal health

Your Body: 70% water
Your Brain: 90% water
Your Blood: 97% water

The quality of your health depends on the quality of your water. Which is why I rely my health to drinking KANGEN WATER!!

Of all the bad stuff that we consume in our body and the air that we breathe, I ask you this….”If you could do ONE THING right for your body wouldn’t you want to put the best quality water in your it since it’s one of the most important things in your body?? Life happens but drinking the right quality water is one of the simplest and easiest things that you can do for your body and your health and for reaching your fitness goals…. especially fat loss. Also essential for hair, skin, and youthfulness which is one of the things that I attribute to my youthful look at the age of 42.

So think twice when you spend $2-$3 on that bottle of water that you THINK is good quality water. And if you’re one of those they don’t buy bottled water and drinks tapwater think of all the poisons that you are putting in your body making it unhealthy.


ASK ME HOW you can change your life by making one of “THE BEST” investments for your health. Your life depends on it…..I know this as a Crohn’s Disease Survivor who has been in remission for over 3 years now drinking alkaline water. KANGEN WATER CHANGED MY LIFE! You can’t put a price on health.

And one more thing to keep in mind this water is not only essential for your health but also the life and health of your pets if you love your pets you will give them this water.

Get your KANGEN WATER today!!

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Thanks & God Bless!!
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Saturday shoulder workout

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Here’s a pic after my shoulder workout 5/18/13 at 11 weeks out from Tampa Pro Show in August


Article Archive – My struggle with Crohn’s Disease

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This was written July 24, 2009 the day after I got out of the hospital. This was one of the hardest times in my life that I had to struggle through fighting a good fight just to make it to where I am today. I have been humbled and graced with many blessings and therefore very thankful.

RE: My Struggle with Crohn’s/Colitis Disease & C.Difficile

Well I must say it’s been a quite an experience the last 3 months or so. Around April 2009 is about the last time I’ve been in the gym and that was probably only 2 times that month. It seems that after applying for health insurance in April and it went into effect on May 1st is when I got hit with a ton of bricks. I started having major abdominal pain, constant diarrhea where I pretty much just could not leave the house, blood in my stool, mouth full of ulcers that prevented me from eating because it hurt so bad to put anything in my mouth, then a staph infection, and a cyst in a not so nice spot. Constant trips to the doctor. I then had a Colonoscopy and an upper Endoscopy done on June 12, 2009 that diagnosed me with Crohn’s Disease an (IBD) Inflammatory Bowel Disease that is not curable. My GI Specialist immediately started me on meds one of which is EXPENSIVE called Pentasa $400 for a month supply and could not afford it so I had to switch to a cheaper medication called Balsalazide (Colazal) which still cost me $121 for a month supply. The other prescribed medication is Prednisone.

Starting my med treatment of course takes time to kick in and I did have some days where I felt they were starting to kick in finally and not feeling the abdominal so much. I still battled with the diarrhea. I got lucky most days that I was able to at least train my clients in the morning….I always prayed for just those few hours that I would make it through and be ok till I got back home. Somewhere along the way I started feeling worse. Then on July 6, 2009 the excruciating pain I had was unbearable and decided it was time to go to ER.

Going to the ER…..well while in the bathroom literally crying from the pain I felt I then thought it’s possible that I may have appendicitis since everything else hit me. I got a hold of my Mom & Sister to let them know I need to go to the ER so they came right away to get me and take me in. Luckily there was not a lot of people in the ER but it still took a while to admit me. Finally I get in ER, get a bed, they take blood, then schedule me right away for a CT Scan so I had to drink about 2 10oz cup fulls of Contrast 1 at that moment they brought it to me and the other an hour later which is not the best tasting drinking but it was cold so it made it a little more tolerable. The lab test showed my White Blood cell count very high which means major infection and my CT Scan showed that my colon perforated and waste leaked into my abdomen causing the major infection. The Doctors don’t know how I even made it that far….they said “any normal person would not have made it and should’ve been in the hospital a couple of days ago”If I would’ve have waited one more day it would’ve killed me. After that they admitted me into a room, of course hooked up to the IV and stuff…..I needed after being so malnutritioned from really not being able to eat. I also had my moriphine where I pushed that little button every 1o minutes to help with the pain. I mostly had to mentally get my mind into another zone till the pain would kind of go away except for any time I had to move the pain kicked in like a mother. It felt like someone stabbing me with a knife.

The next morning July 7, 2009 is when I went into surgery. When they moved my bed down to the surgery room the pain kicked in sooooo bad once that bed stopped. So my surgery….well they cut down the middle of my stomach, remove 1/3rd of my colon on the right side (ascending & part of the transverse colon) that had all the ulcers from the Crohn’s Disease & in which had perforated causing waste to leak into my abdomin. They removed 600cc’s of pus/waste from my abdominal cavity & then irrigated it with saline water. The said cause of the perforation to my colon, by my doctors and pathologist, was that it was a C.difficile antibiotic related infection.

This is me in the hospital after the surgery…finally getting to eat some jello after being allowed only ice chips.


Soooo I stayed 1 week in that hospital & then they moved me to an extended stay rehab hospital where I pretty much was the youngest person there. They had to make sure my white blood cell count went down back to normal and be clear of the infection. It wasn’t until yesterday July 23, 2009 that I finally got discharged.

Time for Recovery now….I’ve lost soooo much weight and muscle it’s not even funny. Crohn’s disease effects the absorption of nutrients not to mention being laid up in a hospital for 2 1/2 weeks doesn’t help. I went from my muscle frame of 150lbs to a super skinny bony 97lbs. Muscles gone just like that after 17yrs of hard work. I can’t wait to get back up in weight and strength.

So that’s my story which has effected my life seriously in all ways. I just want to give thanks to God, my family, Mom, Sisters, and my friends for all their help and support and for visiting me in the hospital. My Mom & Sister Regina has helped me out MAJORLY!!! I don’t know how I would’ve made it through with out them & everyone else’s help

I also want to THANK those who have so far have made donations helping me out financially because now I am pretty much broke and need help with getting back on my feet till I get back to work again. I’m self employed & have no one to support me so now that is my big stress. So if you’re reading this and can help me out with any little bit I would be very GRATEFUL!! I know times are hard right now & I’m not the only one but I really do need whatever help I can get. I wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t so.

Thank you everyone for all your love & support

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